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Potential to Achievement

Jarlath helps Individuals, Teams and Leaders to Believe, Exceed and Achieve

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I Instil Self Belief, Awareness and Ability in Leaders, Managers and Teams through Training, Facilitation and Coaching.

The culmination of my varied work, life and educational experiences result in me being able to engage with my clients in a constructive, positive and supportive manner. I consult with a variety of private, public and voluntary/community organisations.

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DEVELop as a manager

During my time on Jarlath's courses I really developed as a manager and continue to use the methods he taught me on a daily basis. He is a really inspiring person!

-Brian Chalmers, Leisure Centre Manager


Improve your focus

Brilliant, practical and focused executive coaching - highly recommend for Jarlath’s thoughtful and informed approaches to management development.

-Jackie Gorman, CEO at Midlands Science


Gain Clarity, Move forward

Through coaching, ever since I graduated, Jarlath has been both a transformer and support on the journey of my career. I first went to him for guidance and he helped me get clarity on the best way forward. His massive knowledge of leadership has been a big help to my career trajectory. He has helped me prepare for interviews and presentations.

-Rebecca Kelly, Human Resources (Immigration & Mobility) at Critical Mass

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