Have Trouble Saying No? I have a solution for you!

One of the biggest issues people face in the work-place is saying no. Often we find ourselves bombarded with an un-manageable work load that just keeps growing, which almost always leaves us burnt out. Here is a solution for you, it’s called the ADO princible.


Are you Self Employed and Anxious about asking for payment?

Talking money is one of the trickier aspects when running a business, but it does not have to be. In this short video I offer you a new perspective.


Growth Mindsets, Fixed Mindsets and an Approach to Micro Managing.

In this podcast I speak about growth and fixed mindsets and the impacts of each. We also discuss how these mental states impact micro managing and journey through a more empathetic approach to those who try to micro manage.


The golden rule of leadership is it's not about you, it's about your people.

This is the first episode in my podcast about the leadership mindset. You can listen to it here, on my website